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Long years of service for the ITS

Director Jean-Luc Blondel had the chance of congratulating in all eight employees of the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen on their long years of service yesterday. Together with Fred Kolander, chief representative of staff, he handed bouquets of flowers and presents to the jubilarians. “Together, you have gathered 230 years of experience in the most various fields of activities”, said Blondel. “I extend to you my sincere thanks for the important, most varied work you have done. Many people have profited and do profit by your performance.”

Manfred Kesting, Klaus-Jürgen Schmidt, Uwe Gaudeck, Hans-Jürgen Schulz, Ulrike Schümmelfeder and Uwe Knüppel have been employed with the ITS for 25 years, while Margret Schlenke and Marion Manneck can even look back on 40 years of service. Schlenke has been head of the tracing service section since 1976. She and her team have the very special task of reuniting families and clarifying fates. “Sensitizing my staff to the tracing work and passing on my knowledge and expertise is what matters to me”, said Schlenke. “I feel honoured by the responsibility of heading the tracing section.”

Her jubilee colleague Marion Manneck has accomplished the most various tasks at the ITS ranging from inserting reference cards into the name index, to localizing places, to evaluating and digitising documents. “It has been exciting for me to see the tracing service develop over all the years”, resumed Manneck.