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Mayor’s Wives Visit the ITS

16 wives of mayors of towns located in the Waldeck Frankenberg district visited the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen yesterday. “Whenever we come together once a year, we meet in another place to come to know by and by all other places and communities”, said the Arolsen mayor’s wife Sabine van der Horst. She works at the ITS and has arranged for this year’s meeting.

On a round tour of the archives the visitors were given an overview of the history, the role, the archival holdings of, and the treatment of requests at the ITS. “Here in our region many of us know the institution from hearsay“, explained Renate Linnekugel from Volkmarsen. “But to see the original documents with your own eyes makes a difference to us.” The women were impressed by the mass of documents held here and the difficulties the documents’ search and tracing of people may involve.