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More Information – better orientation

The new mobile website of the ITS has a simplified inquiry form and a better overview

In mid-March 2016 the International Tracing Service (ITS) launched a new website. With this the ITS, as an archive and documentation center on Nazi persecution and the liberated survivors, has simplified the accessibility of its information. The modernized online presence makes it easier for former victims of Nazi persecution and their family members to contact the ITS. The new, reader-friendly inquiry form is available in German, English, French, Russian, and now in Polish. Simplifying access for Polish-speaking users had become important because of increasing number of inquires coming from Poland – in 2015 more than from the United States or from the Russian Federation – regarding pension payments for previously excluded victims groups.

In addition, the website has been optimized for smart-phones and tablets, making it easier for mobile use. Information about the different tasks of the ITS has been edited with starter links according to target groups – users can more easily find their way around the website. The website illustrates the standing obligation of the ITS to former victims of Nazi persecution and their family members, a commitment which has existed for over 70 years. At the same time the new site offers more information about current events and opportunities in research and education and the international anchoring of the ITS in the academic and archival-pedagogical world. Current news and in-depth background information is available for interested readers. All the ITS publications can be found in a clearly structured Infothek.  Beyond that, more pictures and press photos provide insights into the Archive and the original documents, which, since 2013, are inscribed on the UNESCO-“Memory of the World” registry.