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Museo della Shoah sees potential for cooperation

To get an idea of the documents’ collections kept in the ITS archives and the organization’s activities, founding Director Marcello Pezzetti and his assistant Sara Berger from the Museo della Shoah (Shoah Museum) in Rome were paying a one-day visit to the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen in mid-August. “We gained a good impression”, said Pezzetti. "It makes a difference if you just hear of the place or see it for yourself."

For a long time, a rather vague idea of the documents’ contents in the ITS archives had prevailed in Italy. “It was our understanding that the archive kept mostly copies”, said Berger. “Considering that there is an enormous quantity of documents here that will prove interesting for our museum as well, this idea has profoundly changed.” The treatment of enquiries, the digitization of the documents, the building of the research department, the library and the educational programs in the concept phase were other points on the visit agenda of the two Italians. “We have come up with a lot of ideas for future cooperation projects”, Pezzetti rejoiced. “I have felt much professionalism here, and the staff’s willingness to open up is distinctly perceptible.”

Twelve employees are working for the project of opening the Museo della Shoah in Rome in about three years’ time. “As we are starting from scratch, we would love to profit by the experience gained by other institutions”, explained Pezzetti. “Just to give an example: we might agree on a staff exchange and support young researchers by means of internships.” To have a substantial documents’ basis, the museum would be interested in obtaining copies of documents from the ITS archives.