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New deputy director for the ITS

Steffen Baumheier has been the deputy director of the International Tracing Service (ITS) since March 1, 2017. The qualified business administration expert previously served as human resources director in internationally operating corporations. In Bad Arolsen, his aim is to help the ITS set the course for its transition to a digitally oriented institution.

On taking up his new position, Steffen Baumheier talked about what motivated him to change from business to the ITS: “I’m extremely pleased that I can now use my experience of the corporate world to support the ITS in its transformation into the digital age”, the personnel expert explained. “For me, that’s because knowledge of the history of National Socialism and the former persecution victims after 1945 is of high value to society. Ethically and morally, these topics are incredibly important for our democratic consciousness.”

Steffen Baumheier has worked in European and international corporations since 1992, most recently as employee relations director at i-SOLUTIONS Health GmbH. He is originally from Northern Hesse and returned to his native region a few years ago. At the ITS, his chief responsibility will be to modernize the work processes and human resources management. “The demands made on employers are always changing. As a convinced personnel manager, I’d like to strengthen the ITS as an attractive employer.”

ITS director Floriane Hohenberg is looking forward to the collaboration: “As my deputy, Steffen Baumheier will play a key role in everything that goes on at the ITS—in the realization of our goals, the coordination of cross-departmental processes, the communication with our partners in the ministries and government agencies, etc. With him as ‘minister of the interior’, I can concentrate on my position as ‘minister of foreign affairs’, expand our national and international contacts and emphasize the relevance of the ITS for our societies.” She underscored the pressing nature of this work in view of growing populist and right-wing radicalistic tendencies. “In my fourteen months as director, a lot has happened in the world that has a direct influence on our work, and in my opinion makes the urgency of our action in the politics of remembrance, political education and research all the more evident.”