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Presentation of “Early Post-War Testimonies in the ITS Collections”

Three banners give examples of early post-war testimonies.

The Department for Historical Research and Education at the ITS presents three exhibition banners on the subject of “Early Post-War Testimonies”. Testimonies, u.e. statements of survivors, can be found in the ITS collections in many different forms and formats. “Early Post-War Testimonies” are also the subject of this year’s academic yearbook.

The testimonies preserved in the ITS archives include for instance statements of former prisoners in interviews with Allied forces immediately after liberation, statements recorded in the documents on the examination of the death marches, or in the files of the Child Search Branch or in the sheets of the International Refugee Organization (IRO) collected to support and help displaced persons migrate to a third country. Finds such as formal objections made by citizens of the former Soviet Union against their repatriation have their place in these early post-war testimonies as well

The three banners flank the 2013 ITS Yearbook which will be published by the Wallstein publishing house in June. The presentation is public.

Presentation of “Early Post-War Testimonies in the ITS Documents“
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