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Regierungspräsident Klein visits ITS

Kassel´s Regierungspräsident (Regional Commissioner) Lutz Klein visited the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen on April 27, 2009, where he viewed the archive´s collections and spoke with director Jean-Luc Blondel and chief archivist Udo Jost. “The ITS is still as indispensable and sought-after an institution as it once was, even 64 years after the end of the Nazi reign of terror,” said Klein.

Their discussions included the future outlook of the Tracing Service, research interest in the institution and inquiries from Nazi victims and their family members. The Regional Commissioner learned about the ITS´s complex research work based on the Central Name Index and computer databases.

Kassel´s regional government is directly involved with the ITS´s work through its oversight of material and payroll costs of Bad Arolsen´s Special Registry Office. This office registers the deaths at Nazi concentration camps in Germany and abroad. The ITS has requested the documents in the name of Nazi victims. “These documents are required to assert claims for compensation or resolve questions of restitution,” explained Blondel. For numerous victims they also have a spiritual value, as they show the exact date of death and thus make possible a day of mourning.