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Remembrance of Holocaust Victims in Israel

This year, the Holocaust Remembrance Day – Yom HaShoah – was held in Israel on April 28th. Every year on the 27th of Nissan, according to the Hebrew calendar, Israel commemorates the six million Jewish victims of the Shoah. On the occasion of this day, a commemoration ceremony also took place at the United Nations (UN)  where the Israeli writer Nava Semel, daughter of a Holocaust survivor herself, spoke.

The ITS preserves in its archives millions of documents about the murder of the European Jews and relating to the survivors who had to find a way back into life after 1945. The children and grandchildren of the survivors carry the history inside of them or with them all the time, or as Nava Semel puts it: “For me every day is remembrance day”.

Nava Semel contributed a text to the ITS Yearbook that was published in 2013. This text, alongside the contemplations of psychologist Natan Kellerman in the same Yearbook, testify to the long shadows of the past and their significance for the present.