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The Exhibition "Legalized Robbery" is coming to Wolfhagen

"Since my son is extremely gifted, as his teacher confirmed, I beg you to let me have the piano that the evacuated Jews left." With this request, an Offenbach citizen approached his tax office in 1942. At that time, the tax office was already involved with the "recovery" of property of the deportees that according to the 1941 Regulation 11 of the “Reich’s” Citizen Law became state property. Everywhere there were publicly announced auctions of Jewish property. Table linens, furniture, toys, dishes, and food changed hands. Many wrote to the tax authorities in order to secure the coveted piano or to get a nicer apartment.

This was preceded by numerous laws and regulations as of 1933 that were aimed at the plundering of Jewish citizens. The exhibition "Legalized Robbery - the government and the plundering of the Jews in Hesse, 1933-1945" tells the whole story. The actions were implemented by officials of the tax authorities in cooperation with other institutions. As a result of this, the "German Reich" earned thanks to the “Reich flight tax” from those whom they drove into exile, as they did from those who remained because they lacked the money to emigrate or because they did not want to leave their homes.

From 17 January to 7 April 2013, the exhibition of the Fritz Bauer Institute and the Hessische Rundfunk (Hessian Public Broadcasting station) will be on display in the rooms of the Regional Museum Wolfhager Land. The exhibition is provided with a new regional focus: It will deal with the looting of Jewish families in Wolfhagen, Zierenberg, Naumburg, Volkmarsen, Breuna, Riede, Niedenstein Gudensberg, and Schauenburg (also including the villages of Hoof and Breitenbach). The exhibition organizers invite the public to participate in its desi

  • Are there objects in your family that were passed on for safekeeping from Jewish families who were neighbors before their emigration or deportation?
  • Do you have letters, photographs, or other evidence, which tell of former Jewish neighbors?
  • Did your family inherit items that were purchased at public auctions as so-called "non-Aryan possessions"?

Then talk to us at:

Bernd Klinkhardt
Regional Museum Wolfhager Land
Ritterstr. 1
34466 Wolfhagen
Tel: 05692-992431
E-mail: info@regionalmuseum-wolfhager-land

Dean Dr. Gernot Gerlach
Protestant Church District Wolfhagen
Kirchplatz 4
34466 Wolfhagen
Tel: 05692-99 66 30
E-mail: dekanat.wolfhagen@ekkw.de

Working Group Flashback - Lest We Forget e.V.
Chairman Ernst Klein
Benfelder Road 21
34471 Volkmarsen
E-mail: ErnstWKlein@web.de
Tel: 05693 - 991 49 90

Gottfried Kössler
Fritz Bauer Institute
Tel: 069-79 83 22 -32
E-mail: g.koessler@fritz-bauer-institut.de

Dr. Bettina Leder-Hindemith
Hessischer Rundfunk
Tel: 069 - 155 40 38
E-mail: Blederhindemith@hr-online.de

picture: the Jewish family Lichtenstein from Volkmarsen