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Survivor visits ITS

Gershon Willinger was born in Amsterdam on 24 September 1942. His parents had fled Germany. But after the occupation of the Netherlands by Nazi Germany, the persecution of the Jews also started there. Guido and Edith Helene Willinger were among the more than 100,000 Jews deported from the occupied Netherlands to the extermination camps in the East.

They were murdered in Sobibor. Before, they had succeeded in placing their daughter and their son in two non-Jewish families. Both survived. But through traitors, the National Socialists found the boy and deported him at the age of almost two to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp and from there a few months later to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. 

The article in the FAZ (only in German) reports on Gershon Willinger's life, his visit to ITS and his search for information about the fate of his family.