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Ukrainian Consul Visits ITS

Volodymyr Kahrchenko, Consul from the Consulate General of the Ukraine in Frankfurt/Main, has paid visit to the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen today intending to see documents on the tragedy in Babi Yar. “The Foreign Ministry in Kiev plans to show an exhibition to mark the anniversary of the tragedy”, said the Consul. “These records help to remember the victims.”

Collaborating with units of the German army, members of “Einsatzgruppe C” executed more than 30,000 Jews from Kiev and surroundings on 29 and 30 September 1941. It was the worst shooting action Nazi Germany had launched during the Holocaust and its conquest and annihilation warfare against the Soviet Union. ITS Deputy Director Djordje Drndarski handed a CD-ROM with copies of documents on the Babi Yar massacre to the Consul. “The ITS is proud to support the remembrance work in the Ukraine by means of its archives”, said Drndarski.

The documents include a report written by the “Einsatzgruppen” of the security police and the security service in the USSR and extracts from a post-wartime report composed on the town of Kiev under German occupation. While staying at the ITS, the Consul has also found time to participate in a brief guided tour of the archives.