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Visit by two respresentatives of the Ministry of Justice Belarus

Olga Marina and Zhandarova Birukova.

Olga Marina and Zhandarova Birukova of the Ministry of Justice of Belarus spent three days at the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen at the beginning of December 2012. "We wanted to know how these archives work and what documents are available," said Birukova.

Birukova is the deputy director of the archive management from Belarus in the Ministry of Justice in Minsk, from where all archives of the country are overseen. Zahndarova is as head of department responsible for international contracts. "We respond to numerous inquiries about World War II. In these cases, the ITS is an important partner," said Zhandarova. "We can now answer to people in detail, what kind of information and documents the ITS can provide."

The two visitors said they learned many interesting facts. "From our perspective, the ITS is very powerful. We received a good insight into the regular work. We understood accurately how the documents are used and how information are obtained from the collections. "

The Belorussians were especially enthusiastic about the section of Tracing and Clarification of Fate. "The attitude of the employees towards their work is admirable. They are personally so committed.” The experience and needs in the field of digitization are similar between the ITS and the archives in Belarus. "We are still largely at the beginning of the process," said Birukova. "But digitalization is a must, and given the state of the paper, it is necessary for a long-term preservation of the documents." The two women will describe their experiences in Bad Arolsen in the journal and on the website of the Ministry of Justice.