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Workshops with ITS Partner Institutions

Improved accessibility to the digital copies in the ITS Archives is the focus of a series of workshops to be held regularly until 2018 and presented together by the International Tracing Service (ITS), The Wiener Library, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). The opening event took place early September 2015 in London.

The digitized document holdings of the International Tracing Service (ITS) on former victims of Nazi persecution and the liberated survivors are now available to researchers at seven international partner institutions. Each of the eleven member states of the International Commission, which oversees the work of the ITS on behalf of the former victims of persecution, has authorization for keeping a digital copy of the ITS holdings in their respective country. This stronger exchange between the so-called copyholders and the ITS will help towards improving user access and achieving a more concerted approach.

For this reason the ITS, The Wiener Library and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) invited the circle of copyholders to a three-day workshop at the Wiener Library in London. In addition to both of the organizers, representatives from the State Archives of Belgium, the Documentation and Research Center on the Resistance in Luxembourg, the French National Archives, the Polish Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) as well as the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial took part. Similar workshops are planned for the next four years. The project is supported by a private British cultural foundation.   

Exchanges and Ideas

What research projects und publications on the holdings of the ITS archives are there currently; what is being planned or is already in the works? Is it possible to apply the experience from other archives and institutions concerning the indexing of larger document collections to the work of the ITS? A series of lectures and panel discussions on just these and other topics took place, where guests from other research institutions and experts for online portals also presented scholarly papers. The workshop also provided the opportunity for exchange on various research methods and an optimal use of the search tools in the ITS databank.