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First study conference for pedagogues at ITS

This week, the Pädagogische Akademie der Gemeinschaft evangelischer Erzieher (Teaching Academy of the Association of Protestant Teachers - GEE) is offering its first study conference for pedagogues at the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen. The group of six teachers and educators will get to know the pedagogical programmes and research opportunities in the archives. “The history of NS persecution can be well conveyed using concrete fates. We would like to invite those who promote culture and education to make use of the documents from our archives for school and extra-curricular projects in the future,” said Dr Susanne Urban, Head of the Research Department at ITS.

The programme of the three day study conference includes a guided tour through the archives, an introduction to the digital research programme and talks on the origin of documents, on displaced persons, on emigration and on death marches. “This will provide an insight into the diverse possibilities for educational cooperation,” says Urban. In the area of education, the ITS offers school projects, seminars at universities and workshops and talks on the Nazi persecution. The topics covered are the biographies of those persecuted by the Nazis, the presentation of perpetrators and spectators and the performances of helpers and rescuers as models of civic courage.

“Multi-ethnic learning groups are very common at schools nowadays”, said project manager Gerda Koch from GEE. “The documents from the ITS offer a good starting point for education in tolerance and humanistic values.” The GEE regularly organises teacher training sessions, which focus on the development of schools and the professionalisation of education work. The study conference at ITS is also taking place in cooperation with the Kinderlehrhaus zur Förderung des interreligiösen und interkulturellen Lernens (Children’s House of Learning for the Promotion of Interreligious and Intercultural Learning) in Recklinghausen and the Čapek-Gesellschaft für Völkerverständigung und Humanismus (Čapek Society for International Understanding and Humanism) in Hagen.

Another further training session is planned for spring 2012. People interested in this can contact GEE to find out the precise date and contents. Contact: koch@gee-online.de