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ITS supports exhibition at Stadtmuseum Coesfeld

The International Tracing Service (ITS) of Bad Arolsen has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Stadtmuseum Coesfeld. For the planned education and meeting centre for the history of the Jewish community, ITS will provide documents on persecution during the Nazi era. In addition, the work of ITS is to be acknowledged within the scope of the new exhibition. “We’re very pleased about this collaboration. It’s an example of the cooperative effort ITS strives for with museums, educational and research institutions all around the country,” said Dr Susanne Urban, head of the Research department at ITS.

The museum wants to tell the story of the Jewish community mainly through the portrayal of individual fates from Coesfeld, Münsterland and the German-Dutch border region. Thanks to the use of innovative multimedia technology and pedagogical support, the meeting centre should become a pilot facility in the field of remembrance and commemoration culture. “Many Jewish families initially fled across the Dutch border at the onset of Nazi persecution. The new look of the exhibition we’re planning should therefore have a cross-border character to it,” explained historian Kerstin Zimmermann of the Coesfeld museum.

Apart from the collaborative research of individual fates, joint workshops and events are being considered. “Thanks to its extensive documentation, ITS can actively contribute to the educational programme,” ensures Urban. The meeting centre is scheduled to open in a section of the museum in 2011. The pedagogic collaboration between ITS and the Stadtmuseum Coesfeld has been agreed to run until 2013.