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Tracing Service Introduces Fee Schedule

Today the International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen introduced a fee schedule for the use of its archive. It defines the costs incurred by researchers’ requests for copies of documents. “The level of our fees is oriented on those of institutions like the German Federal Archives, Yad Vashem or the US Holocaust Memorial Museum,” explained Jean-Luc Blondel. “The fees are moderate and merely cover our costs with no additional profit margin.”

The new fee schedule is part of the general regulations for access to the ITS archives. It applies to research projects only, not to requests from survivors of Nazi persecution or their family members. Research in the tracing service’s database and the disclosure of information will also continue to remain free of charge for researchers. From now on, fees will be charged for photocopies, scans, data media (CD-ROMs, DVDs, USB sticks), packaging materials and dispatch. They run from 0.30 eurocents for a copy to 5.00 euros for a data medium.

The fee schedule was approved by the International Commission consisting of the eleven member states which oversee the work of ITS. The data delivery limitation of 100 photocopies per research application which had been previously introduced is no longer applicable with the new fee schedule. Instead, the formulation “Handing out copies of entire record groups or collections is not admissible.” is now effective.

Download fees and charges (pdf file)